About ADIA

Welcome to the Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA), formerly the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO).


The Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA) is the peak industry body for data, insights and research organisations in Australia. ADIA (formerly AMSRO) represents close to 100 of Australia’s leading data, insights and research companies, with members employing more than 5,000 employees, in an industry generating more than $3 billion of economic activity annually.

ADIA represents traditional research organisations and newcomers who cover data analytics in the growing area of research technology, or ‘restech’, enabling research to flourish in all its forms and protect and sustain the industry

ADIA members uphold the highest ethical and privacy standards working under the first and only (non-mandatory) registered Industry APP Privacy Code since 2003.

ADIA works in partnership with its company members, plus privacy authorities, business, government and the community to protect and promote the industry so that its important contribution to our economic, social and political well-being continues.

Our members conduct research with Australians for most of the ASX top 200 companies and the majority of State and Federal Government departments.

“ADIA is committed to helping organisations reach their potential. As industry change accelerates, the vital role of ADIA in strengthening the industry and advocating on behalf of members becomes all the greater.” George Zdanowicz, President, ADIA


As the peak organisation for Australia’s data, insights and research organisations, our mission is to protect and promote the industry for our members to ensure their important contribution to our economic, social and political well-being continues.


The purpose of the Association is to:

Represent and enhance the data, insights and research industry (“Industry”).

  • Advise, support, represent and advocate on behalf of members.
  • Enhance capabilities of, and opportunities for, members and their staff through:
    • education, professional development and training,
    • the development of industry partnerships.
  • Encourage confidence and minimise risk in client decision-making; and
  • Ensure industry standards are relevant, appropriately promoted and recognised.


  • We champion the data, insights and research industry.
  • Our members are the leading data, insights and research companies in Australia. We exist to promote their work and advocate on their behalf which in turn, provides a strong and active voice for Australians.
  • Data and insights gathered by our members help inform a brighter future for thousands of Australian businesses by fuelling stronger, evidenced-based decisions.
  • We provide our members with training, support and a cohesive collective voice to ensure a strong future for the data and insights industry.
  • We work to improve the quality and professionalism of market and social research practices.
  • We represent the interests of members to government, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • We help develop and retain talent in the industry.
  • We promote the exchange of information among industry leaders.


ADIA respects and acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of Country. We recognise their continuous connection to the lands, waters and skies across Australia and express our sincere gratitude to the peoples on whose land we work.


ADIA’s Strategic Priorities 2023-2024

Our name does not change our priorities, we exist to serve our members.

ADIA will serve its members across four key priority areas:

  1. To advocate and speak out with a strong voice on behalf of the industry – building a united, stronger association for all companies collecting, using, and storing data for research and insights. ADIA will advocate and inform the government, media and other stakeholders on relevant industry issues to deliver necessary change and ensure long-term sustainability.  Issues addressed include – broader access to the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND), awareness and action to prevent call blocking (SPAM), and a procurement campaign to promote ADIA members.   
  • To support our members with industry programs and advice. We will continue to deliver relevant (non-technical) professional development and training for businesses and leaders – ADIA continues the legacy of AMSRO, focusing on expert advisory around privacy law, workplace relations, quality standards, and networking for industry leaders (Leaders Forum conference), supporting young talent.
  • To explore relevant strategic partnerships to increase member value –ADIA will continue to work with like-minded partners, company members, privacy authorities, business, government, and the community to protect and promote the industry and uphold the highest ethical and privacy standards. 
  • To represent a broader, more inclusive Association – providing the compliance framework to inspire, attract and represent a broader industry dedicated to upholding best practice standards for evidence-based decisions which inform and service Australians.


Worldwide, data, insights and research provides key strategic data and advice to a vast range of private and public organisations. In the past few years the industry has grown rapidly into a dynamic, international force as the trend to a global economy has demanded greater access to regional, cross-regional and cross-cultural information.

In Australia, demand for research has increased substantially as organisations, public and private, recognise the need for rigorous research on which to base key decisions affecting policies, programs and strategies.

As the peak organisation for Australia’s data, insights and research organisations, our primary objective is to protect and promote the industry so that its important contribution to our economic, social and political well-being continues.

ADIA is conscious of the rigorous business and professional standards needed to achieve these aims. We work to ensure that the industry maintains:

  • sound workplace relations
  • ever-broadening quality assurance programs across privacy and ISO
  • effective self-regulation and
  • active participation in industry and government policy forums.
Find out more about ADIA membership or contact:
Sarah Campbell, Chief Executive Officer
on 0460 012 092 or email sarah@dataandinsights.com.au