The Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) was set up in April 2009 as a result of common interests among the national marketing research associations in Australia, China, Japan and Korea. It has since grown to a committee of twelve marketing research associations with the addition of Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and New Zealand. The APRC is now positioned as the prime network for exchanging information and knowledge on marketing research and related industries between the associations and societies in the Asia Pacific region.

APRC has twelve member associations — AMSRO-Australia, AMSRS-Australia, CMRA-China, CMRS-Chinese Taipei, PERPI-Indonesia, JMRA-Japan, KORA-Korea, MRSM-Malaysia, MMRA-Mongolia, Research Association-New Zealand, MRSS-Singapore, and TMRS-Thailand. These countries together represent about 14% of the global research industry, or US$4.4 billion (€3.3 billion).

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