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2023 Research Industry Leadership Award Winners Announced

Congratulation to our 2023 Winners!

The Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA) is pleased to announce that the Jayne Van Souwe Research Industry Leadership Award for 2023 has been awarded to Yvonne Wallis, former owner and founder of Wallis Consulting Group and Rob McLachlan, former Chairman of Kantar Australia/NZ.

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Rob McLachlan

In his most recent day job, Rob McLachlan was a Director at TRA Australia, and before that Chairman of Kantar Australia/NZ. Prior to his chairman’s role, Rob was Chief Executive Officer of WPPAuNZ’s Data Investment Management Group, having worked at WPP AUNZ (previously the STW Group) for more than 12 years, in a range of senior finance and operations roles. Prior to joining the group, he was Finance Director at ACNielsen for 19 years, and CFO at AGB McNair.

Rob has been an integral part of AMRO/AMSRO/ADIA since the inception of AMRO in the early nineties. Rob held the role of AMSRO President from 1996 to 2000 and Treasurer from 2002 to 2018. He was also pivotal in making AMSRO professional, helping drive the appointment of Sarah Campbell as a full-time Executive Director to take the Association forward. Additionally, Rob was Chair of the Industrial Relations Committee and was pivotal in getting all of the NUW/UWU Agreements to date across the line.

Yvonne Wallis

Yvonne Wallis

An industry leader, in 1991, she founded her own research company, Wallis Consulting Group, where she continued to consult to large national organisations, specialising in advertising and social research. 

Yvonne was the first female President of AMRO (which became AMSRO and later ADIA) in 2003 & 2004 and from 2005-2006, she held the role of AMSRO Vice President and was Secretary of AMSRO until 2008.

During her time as President and years thereafter in office, Yvonne worked tirelessly to help establish several industry initiatives, including a self-regulated operating environment that set up organisations for success today. 

After 25 years as Managing Director and Chairman of Wallis Consulting Group, Yvonne retired to follow her passion for Wine and Food. She became the Global Chair of the International Wine & Food Society, the longest-established gastronomic Society in the world. She is now the President of the Asia Pacific Zone of IWFS and the Global Branch Ambassador.

About the award

The Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA) is calling for nominations for its Jayne Van Souwe (JVS) Research Industry Leadership Award. All research, data, and insights industry leaders (ADIA members and non-members) are eligible for nomination.

Nominations open Tuesday, 22 August and close on Monday, 18 September 2023.

The award is presented biennially to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the growth, promotion or advancement of the Australian research, data, and insights industry.

From humble beginnings, the Australian market research, data, and insights industry has evolved into a $3 billion sector employing thousands of Australians and playing a central role in informing the decisions of business and government alike. The Jayne Van Souwe Research Industry Leadership Award was created to pay tribute to those who have dedicated significant time, energy, and expertise to move the wider research and insights industry forward.

The award is named after research veteran Jayne Van Souwe, who passed away in April 2019.

“Jayne gave so much to our industry during her 35-year career, and we are delighted to continue her legacy in the form of this important award. Today’s thriving research, data and insights industry exists due to the efforts of individuals like Jayne, who devoted their time and energy to building businesses, lobbying the government, and advancing our research practices to drive the industry forward,” ADIA President, George Zdanowicz, said.

“In 2019, the inaugural Jayne Van Souwe Research Industry Leadership Award was presented to Darren Pennay, founder and former CEO of the Social Research Centre. Then in 2021, the judges paid tribute to joint winners Brian Fine, Chair QOR and Martin O’Shannessy, Partner at Omnipoll, recognising their invaluable contribution to the industry over many years.

“As the industry grows and continues to evolve, we must continue to acknowledge and pay tribute to the work of industry leaders who helped get us here. We look forward to receiving the nominations for this prestigious award in 2023.”

Individuals from ADIA member companies and the wider industry are invited to nominate anyone based on the following criteria:

  1. The nominee has contributed to the growth, promotion or advancement of the Australian research, data, and insights industry.
  2. The nominee has made a significant contribution beyond that required in their paid employment.
  3. The nominee has demonstrated the highest ethical standards in their conduct.

The award winner will be announced at the ADIA AGM member event on 26 October 2023. 


  • Nominations will be accepted (only) from individuals in current ADIA member organisations.
  • All industry members (ADIA and non-ADIA) are eligible for nomination.

For further information

Contact the ADIA Secretariat:

Telephone 0460 012 092 or email