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Member resources

The AMSRO Trustmark

There are three criteria AMSRO member companies must meet to qualify for the Trustmark:

1. Compliance with the Market & Social Research Privacy Code*

2. Compliance with the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour

3. Qualified to the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research certification (ISO 20252).

AMSRO members are awarded the Trustmark as part of their membership once they have met the strict criteria. To maintain the Trustmark, AMSRO member companies will take part in an independent ISO audit, must comply with AMSRO’s co-regulated privacy code and participate in ongoing member training.

AMSRO members who qualify for the Trustmark are encouraged to download the following materials for their use;

– Logo (Various formats available here)

– Brand Guidelines

– FAQs (internal use only)

Should you require anything further please contact AMSRO at or (02) 9552 4618.




* Consultation draft Code is currently out for public consultation – March 19, 2014 until 30 April 2014.