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As the research, data and insights industry body dedicated to employers and business, ADIA is committed to providing members with specific, exclusive benchmarking information. This level of service is only made possible with your support, so thank you to those members who participated and to our industry partner, Forsta for providing data collection and dashboard presentation services.

Now in its ninth year, the ADIA Salary Survey Report is free and exclusive to ADIA member organisations who participate and allows employers to analyse company staff against the market.

Complete confidentiality and anonymity of the survey data is assured. All data is aggregated and used ONLY for the purpose of producing the final report. Confidentiality is maintained at all times, and NO information is published which identifies any individual or their responses.

This year ADIA sent n=90 invitations, and 32 companies took part. The report covers the total remuneration for positions 1 to 16 (appended) and is available for free to CEOs (member organisations) who participated.

ADIA membership levels 1-9 (except for level 8) participated in the survey this year, with 56% of responses from level 4 members and above representing an annual turnover of 4m+. In response to member feedback, we introduced an additional Account/Finance Manager role and new staff retention and hiring questions.

The results are an invaluable tool for:

  • Benchmarking within the market and social research, data and insights sector
  • Planning for new budgets
  • Assisting with pay reviews
  • Assessing existing terms and conditions and benefits packages

This member service is conducted with generous sponsorship from Forsta.

The data is analysed by Tim Paterson of Page Paterson & Co.

For further information, please contact Sarah Campbell, Chief Executive Officer ADIA, on 0460 012 092.