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ISO Certification Companies

Independent assessment and certification to the new industry standard ISO 20252:2019 is currently available from the following three industry-approved certification bodies: 

  1. ISO Experts
  2. ISO Audit Solutions
  3. Star Mark Certification Global

Companies wishing to be certified should contact these certification bodies.

  • Fees are subsidised and consistent across ADIA suppliers and based on whether the audit is a recertification or survellience audit. 
  • The number of office locations and annexes are also considered. The fees include a small annual levy collected by the assessment bodies and passed on to ADIA for quality consultancy and administrative purposes.

All ADIA Members are required to transition to ISO 20252:2019 by 31 December, 2021.

Attention: Best Practice Certification (BPC) clients.  BPC chose not to participate in an ADIA 2021 ISO 20252:2019 Industry Internal Review and opted out of the program.  BPC is therefore no longer recognised as an industry supplier. CIRQ also recently opted out of the industry program.

Should you require assistance transitioning to one of the preferred suppliers listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact

If  you require further information please contact ADIA on 0460 012 092 or