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ADIA has worked for over two decades to ensure that the market and social research industry has a stable workplace relations system that is fair and equitable to both employers and employees.

New Member Ballot for the proposed Industry Agreement 2023-2026

The United Workers Union (UWU) and Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA), the peak employer body for the market and social research industry, reached an agreement in mid-2022 on the terms of a new multi-employer enterprise agreement to replace the expired NUW and AMSRO Market and Social Research Industry Agreement 2017-2020. This new Industry Agreement was endorsed by an online ballot of employees held in 2022 and was submitted to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for approval.

ADIA companies passed on to employees the pay rises in the new Agreement in July 2022 and July 2023, despite the new Industry Agreement still awaiting approval by the FWC.

After attending a conference with the FWC to discuss a range of technical matters the Commission had raised (about the procedure adopted by some ADIA members in the making of the proposed 2022 Industry Agreement and low voting numbers), the UWU and ADIA agreed to update the proposed Industry Agreement to reflect recent changes to the Fair Work Act, to rerun the ballot process and resubmit the revised Agreement to the FWC once that occurs.

ADIA has now submitted the revised Agreement and awaits the FWC’s decision.

The new rates for 2024-25 are available here. 

All other terms and conditions in the Agreement were effective from 1 September 2022 onward.


ADIA (formerly AMSRO) has been instrumental in preserving the UWU and ADIA Market and Social Research Industry Award as a separate Award under a multi-enterprise Agreement. This prevented the market and social research sector from being brought within a general private-sector clerical modern award – an outcome that would have increased wage costs across the industry.

The Market (and Social) Research Industry Award was created in 1990 by the (then) Australian Industrial Relations Commission with the involvement of our Association and the union. A new Modern Award, the Market and Social-Research Industry Award, came into effect on 1 January 2010 and has been updated periodically by the Fair Work Commission. The Modern Award covers virtually all market and social research undertaken in Australia.

The Modern Award has also underpinned a series of multi-business enterprise agreements (Industry Agreements) negotiated between AMSRO and the union representing market and social research employees, now called the United Workers’ Union (UWU). The Industry Agreement sets minimum pay rates and conditions for market research and social research employees employed by ADIA members.

For further information, ADIA employers can contact Andrew Maher, Partner, CIE Legal, on 0403 399 237 or Sarah Campbell, CEO, on 0460 012 092.

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CIE Legal is retained by ADIA to provide the Association with legal advice and support. Andrew Maher, Human Resources Law and Strategy Partner at CIE Legal, has worked closely with ADIA for more than a decade and a half as the Association’s retained legal counsel.

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If you require advice about staffing matters, please be sure to take advantage of ADIA’s free human resources law and privacy law support hotline service.  Contact Andrew Maher, Partner, CIE Legal on 0403 399 237.