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CIE Legal Services – supporting ADIA members

Legal Hotline – exclusive to ADIA members 

EEO Online Training Module 

A simple, easy to access, online equal opportunity, bullying and anti-discrimination course designed by CIE Legal to assist ADIA members in meeting their legal obligations and manage their risks as employers.

This online training module can be used for both permanent and casual employees.

A sample video can be viewed here:

Duration: Takes approx. 20-40 minutes to complete

Cost (ex. GST):

  • First 25 employees (within a 24-month period) = $10 pp
  • 26 or more employees (per 24-month period) = $8 pp (if prepaid – otherwise the 26th annual enrolment onward is at the lower price but the first 25 are still $10)
  • Annual subscription available at $45 per month/ $540 annual (no limit)

Certification: Successful participants receive a certificate upon completion.  CIE Legal also provides the employer email confirmation regarding employees who have completed the course.

For further information or to register your business, please email

Virtual Products and Services

LOCKDOCS – ADIA /CIE Legal  – Human Resources Library

  • Access to one free employment contract via CIE Lockdocs here – CIE Lockdocs is an automated online employment contract generator that emails the user a completed Market and Social Research Industry full-time or part-time employment contract, ready to print onto letterhead. This service is exclusive to ADIA members.
  • The ADIA Human Resources Library includes the following template HR documents prepared by CIE Legal for ADIA: casual, part-time and full-time employment contracts, promotion/warning/redundancy/termination letters, plus a Human Resources Handbook and template Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement.  Valued at more than $5,000, The ADIA Human Resources Library is available to ADIA members at a special member rate of $750 (ex GST) which includes access via CIE Lockdocs to updated versions of the templates for 24 months.

For further information regarding the Human Resources Library or to purchase please email

Phish of the Day

Phish of the Day is a new service run by ADIA that will provide updates on incidences of non-genuine market and social research that are reported ADIA. This includes face to face, telephone, and online research.

A majority of ‘fake research’ is undertaken to sell products or services. Our members’ agencies operate under strict privacy and ethical guidelines (*see here for more information).  ADIA member agencies are not permitted to sell or promote products or services under the guise of research.

ADIA members are encouraged to report [details] of any research contact you have received that you believe might not be genuine and we will post an alert on the Phish of the Day page if it does not appear to us to be a legitimate market or social research activity.

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For further details please contact:

Sarah Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
0460 012 092

first posted: March 2018