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Wage Rates – 1 July 2024

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has approved the UWU and ADIA Market & Social Research Industry Agreement 2023-2026.

Updated wage rates take effect on the first pay period after 1 July 2024.

In agreement with the Union, all minimum wage rates in the enterprise agreement are fixed at a minimum of 2% above the corresponding pay rates for Market and Social Research employees under the National Employment Standards (NES). 

As most members would be aware, the Fair Work Commission awarded an increase of 3.75% (announced June 2024) to the minimum wage and Modern Award rates, largely due to the high level of inflation we are currently experiencing. The new enterprise agreement rates are adjusted to reflect that increase and follow below. 

These rates apply from the first full pay period after 1 July 2024.  Download the rates table here.

CLASSIFICATIONPermanent Per Week ($)Permanent Per Year ($)Permanent Per Hour ($)Casual Per Hour ($)
Employee on Commencement$947.21$49,253.54$24.93$31.17
Market and Social Research Interviewer$1,059.72$55,105.30$27.89$34.86
Executive (Telephone) Interviewer$1,107.25$57,577.10$29.14$36.43
Executive (Face-to-Face) Interviewer$1,128.62$58,688.28$29.70$37.13
Support Employee 1st Year$1,030.51$53,585.93$27.12$33.91
Support Employee > 1 Year$1,059.72$55,105.30$27.89$34.86
Editor/Coder/Key-punch Operator$1,077.59$56,035.06$28.37$35.45
Team Leader$1,128.62$58,688.28$29.70$37.13
Field Supervisor$1,197.52$62,271.26$31.51$39.36
Graduate Researcher$1,077.77$56,044.12$28.37$35.43
Research Assistant$1,197.52$62,271.26$31.51$39.36
Field Manager$1,344.93$69,936.11$35.39$44.25
Graduate Research Officer$1,210.44$62,942.49$31.85$39.83
Research Officer$1,344.93$69,936.11$35.39$44.25
Research Manager$1,919.71$99,824.49$50.52$63.12

Out-of-hours penalty per hour
On a Public Holiday (as set out in clause 22 of this Agreement)$18.20
On any day between midnight and 8.00am$9.08
On Sunday between 9.00pm and midnight$9.08
Overtime (per hour) – Permanent Employees only
Sunday or Public Holiday$16.65
Monday to Friday outside the daily spread of ordinary hours$8.33


The new overtime rate is the relevant rate in the wages table above, plus $8.33 per hour.


The Award kilometre rate for own vehicle usage (which is picked up in the Industry Agreement) is currently 95 cents per km but may increase by order of the Fair Work Commission in the new financial year.  We will advise of the new rate if this occurs.

SUPERANNUATION increases from 11.0% to 11.5% as of July 1, 2024.

All other terms and conditions of the Agreement apply.

If you have any questions or queries in relation to the wage increases, please contact Andrew Maher at CIE Legal on the ADIA member hotline – 0403 399 237.