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New ISO 20252: 2019 free member services available

Mar 1 2019


Exclusive and free to ADIA member organisations 

New ISO Standards – Member services

The ISO 20252:2019 compliance and transition package has been developed by ADIA to support our member organisations transition to ISO 20252:2019. (Note – ADIA member username and password required.) 

ISO 20252 demonstrates a commitment to quality assurance and services for the benefit of both the company and the client.  The Australian market research industry boasts one of the highest take-ups of accreditation with over 90 companies certified to AS-ISO 20252.  All ADIA Trust Mark members must be certified to ISO 20252, work under ADIA’s legislated privacy code and adhere to the industry code of ethics.

The transition package comprises three parts:   

  1. ISO 20252: 2019 FRAMEWORK MANUAL – Core requirement of the Standard
  2. ANNEX A to F templates
  3. Guidance and training package for persons assigned responsibility for developing an ISO 20252: 2019 compliant system OR persons assigned responsibility for the transition to ISO 20252: 2019 from either or both ISO 20252 or ISO 26362 redundant standards.

There are a total of fourteen documents that make up the set of tools, templates, learning and guidance material to enable a market research organisation to progress to certification, or transition to ISO 20252: 2019.

If you are an ADIA member organisation and require assistance to access please contact 0460 012 092 or email

If you would like to learn more about ADIA or inquire regarding membership please see here or contact Sarah Campbell, CEO on 0460 012 092.