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Power Up Your Privacy in 2024

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is an annual event that promotes the importance of protecting personal information. It is led by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) in partnership with state and territory privacy regulators and Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities members.

ADIA has long supported PAW and remains committed to servicing our members and advocating good data privacy practices under the industry’s only legislated Privacy Code.

For this Privacy Awareness Week, the call is to ‘power up your privacy’. This falls under the overarching theme of Privacy and technology: improving transparency, accountability, and security.

Now is the ideal time to ‘power up’ our existing privacy practices ahead of privacy law reform and the changing technological landscape.

To help our members ‘power up,‘ ADIA recently conducted the Privacy Compliance Questionnaire, which we are pleased to report received 100% support from member organisations.

Additionally, we added a suite of new privacy resources to the ADIA Academy platform – all of which are exclusive and free to members and include the following:

  • ADIA Privacy Code 2021: APPs and Governance
    Part 1: Australian Privacy Principles
    Part 2: Governance

This two-part presentation and Audit Tool will:

  • Provide the criteria for compliance with the ADIA Code and
  • Enable the provision of sufficient current information to audit compliance with the Code
    by ADIA member organisations. 

This course is suitable for all Management, including the Data Privacy Officer.

  • Data Breach Notifications: Preparation + Response Plans
    This course provides guidance on how to report when a data breach occurs and includes a Data Breach Preparation and Response Plan.

This course is suitable for all Management, including the ICT Manager.

In recognition of PAW and to further support member compliance, we have added the following new courses focusing on Cyber Health within your organisation.

Cyber Health Check

This course provides cyber security checklists and assessment tools that confirm the status of the cyber security controls in place within your organisation.

The course is suitable for Managers and IT Personnel.

Australia’s Information Commissioner, Angelene Falk, talks to ADIA member Symon Duniec about upcoming changes to privacy legislation at the 2024 Leaders Forum.