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Privacy law – new industry training modules

Mar 28 2019

AMSRO continues to protect and promote our member’s commitment to privacy law in support of protecting the public, business opportunities and to demonstrate the value of working with AMSRO companies.

“All companies that collect and use personal data face ever increasing risks associated with the appropriate handling of that data, as evidenced by the recent Google GDPR breach and last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. As the peak industry body for the research and data collection industry, it is incumbent upon AMSRO to support our members with the most up-to-date knowledge and advice on how to manage data privacy and data compliance issues,” AMSRO President, Craig Young, said.

“This ensures member organisations are not only aware of their obligations but continue to have a sufficient level of knowledge on how best to comply with legislation, uphold the highest standards and mitigate risk for both the public and clients.”

AMSRO proudly maintains Australia’s first and only industry privacy code, under which all AMSRO members operate. Building off this heritage, AMSRO has now launched a series of best practice privacy training modules for members. These modules provide guidance on complying with Australian Privacy Principles and the privacy code.

Produced in conjunction with CIE Legal there are six modules in total outlining how to handle privacy breaches (under Australia’s Notifiable Data Breach Scheme), adhering to the APP’s and tips for privacy compliance. AMSRO will also be releasing the privacy modules on YouTube shortly.

Watch modules here.