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Jan 11 2017

For the past five years or more, AMSRO and AMSRS have been working closely together, advocating on behalf of all members for limited access to the IPND.  (A copy of industry submissions can be found here.)  AMSRO is pleased to report that the Department of Communications and the Arts and the ACMA have recognised our efforts in the draft IPND Scheme (Exposure Draft 2017 published late December) which includes proposed changes (under specific conditions) for research access.

The ACMA is now consulting on the proposal to remake the Telecommunications Integrated Public Number Database Scheme 2007 (IPND Scheme).  The ACMA proposes to remake the IPND Scheme with some changes to facilitate industry management of access to the IPND in limited circumstances, and other changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the scheme.  (Note – The current IPND Scheme automatically sunsets April 1 2017.)

The key changes proposed are:

  • Allowing the ACMA to grant an authorisation to a research entity on an ongoing basis or for a finite period. This would be subject to the research entity meeting certain requirements.
  • Facilitating greater industry management of access to IPND data in limited circumstances. This would be achieved by enabling the ACMA to grant a research body an authorisation to disclose de-identified IPND data (listed number and geographic information not below postcode level) to its members to conduct permitted research, provided certain requirements are met.

Submissions are due to ACMA by January 31, 2017.

AMSRO (under the RICA banner) is working on an industry submission and welcomes member comments by 25 January 2017.

If you would like to provide feedback please contact Sarah Campbell, Executive Director AMSRO on email – or telephone (02) 8017 6717.