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ADIA Trust Mark

An Australian first – the ADIA Trust Mark (established 2014)

The Trust Mark is a seal of endorsement that ensures that ADIA member organisations are compliant with the highest ethical standards, particularly in regards to privacy. It also provides buyers of research the assurance that their data is protected.

There are three criteria ADIA member companies must meet to qualify for the Trust Mark: adhere to the Privacy (Market & Social Research) Code and The Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour, plus hold the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research certification (ISO 20252).

ADIA members are awarded the Trust Mark as part of their membership once they have met the strict criteria. To maintain the Trust Mark, ADIA member companies must take part in an annual independent ISO audit, must comply with ADIA’s co-regulated privacy code and participate in ongoing member training.


Why is having the Trust Mark important?

Business and government departments are increasingly using data to make critical decisions. This appetite for data, combined with consumers increasingly carrying out their lives online, means research that is unethically sourced or breaches privacy is available to buy.   The Trust Mark guarantees business and government decision makers that they are buying research that is quality-assured and meets not only ethical standards, but also work under Australia’s only (non-mandatory) registered Industry APP Privacy Code.  It provides the reassurance that you are using a legitimate, professional research company that is audited by ADIA to ensure compliance. The Trust Mark protects client reputation and integrity.  It also reduces risk for all parties and provides confidence and certainty.

What benefits does the Trust Mark provide to ADIA members?

It’s a fast and easily recognisable way for ADIA members to assure their clients that they uphold the highest ethical standards to deliver professional quality research data.  It provides confirmation that customer details are not used for direct marketing and guarantees clients that their data is protected.  It aligns their business with market and social research companies that commit to best practice.

How do ADIA members qualify for the Trust Mark?

Stringent, mandatory criteria needs to be met to be granted use of the Trust Mark including:

  • Privacy: Adherence to the Privacy (Market & Social Research) Code
  • Quality assurance: Companies must have the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research qualifications (ISO 20252)
  • Ethics: Adherence to The Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour

What do the Privacy Principles mean for Australian research companies?

The ADIA Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code has been developed to provide data, insights and research organisations certainty under the Privacy Amendment Act (launched in 2014).   The Code works to ensure ADIA members follow the highest privacy and ethical standards.

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